Tuesday 23 April 2024

The Thrill Seeker 12:00 pm

5+ places available


16 years +. We require minimum numbers to confirm a trip. Single Pax bookings may be rescheduled.



Up to 15 years (inc). Min height of 1.2M for Jet Sprint Boat & Off-Roader. Min age of 13 years for Clay Bird. Children aged 10-15 can travel unaccompanied providing a parent/guardian is on-site. Children under 10 must travel with a parent/guardian.


Family (2ad + 2ch)


Family (2ad + 1ch)


Family (1ad +2 ch)

Meet at
Drop Off

Why Jet Sprint Boating?

  • Oxbow offers the only 4-seater commercial Jet Sprint Boat in the world! 
  • Embrace the speed by accelerating from 0 - 100kms in just 2.5 seconds!
  • Feel the thrill of up to 4 g-forces being pulled on the tight corners!
  • Our world first boats are built by 7-time World Jet Sprint Champion Peter Caughey.

Why Ultimate Off-Roading?

  • Oxbow offers the only 4-seater, 4-wheel steer Ultimate Off-Roader in the world!
  • Our unique course is not all about speed, but also the sheer agility of this purpose-built all-terrain vehicle!
  • Built by 5-time NZ 4x4 Trails Champion Dan Cowper!


Why Clay Bird Shooting?

  • Our purpose built Oxbow Gun Club can hold up to six shooters at a time!
  • Equipped with 8 automatic Clay Bird throwers!
  • Berretta Under/Over 12 gauge shot guns!
  • An all-weather and all-ability activity!